How Do I Make a Coin?

We often get asked what does it take to make a coin or medallion? Making a coin is a bit like building a house actually, but not nearly as complicated or expensive!


You wouldn't want to start without a plan, or blueprint first. Otherwise you'll end up with a jumble of lumber! This is the same for making a coin.

Once you have your inspiration for a coin or medallion, the first thing we need is the artwork, or proof. Never fear, we can help here if you are not graphically inclined! 

We've taken napkin sketches, and even one concept that was literally "finger painted" on a smartphone with a simple drawing app, and have turned these simple sketches into gorgeous coins. 

Finger sketch on a smartphone inspiration for the Spokane History GeoTour Coin!

Finger sketch on a smartphone inspiration for the Spokane History GeoTour Coin!

Many of our clients have an image, photo or even clip art that can serve as the inspiration. That is all we really need to get started to turn your idea into a proof to make your coin. We'll work with you to be sure to get it just right, and guide you if needed for the little details that make a great coin.

Once we have a proof, or blueprint for your coin, we can then decide on the colors, metals and other finishings for your coin. This is akin to picking out flooring, counter tops and fixtures for a new home. 


Now that we have some finishing details to fill our your proof, we match this with the best factory to bring your idea to life. Our new proof is matched to their production, samples are then made. 

At the sample stage we can be sure that everything translated from blueprint proofs to actual coin in hand. Changes can be made if needed, final colors and finishes decided, and then mass production begins! This sample step is a lot like a walk-through of a home right before all the final finishes go in. The walls are up, the floor plan is done (the mold is created); you can now see your options and choose what you want for your final design(s).

Usually 3-4 weeks after mass production is started, your coins should be on their way to you. Unboxing your new coins is a little like walking over the threshold of your new house for the first time.

Final Coins for the Spokane History GeoTour

Final Coins for the Spokane History GeoTour

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